$ 41.99

This Drift Cutter Kit fits most Cub Cadet 2 and 3 stage snow throwers. 

The cutter bars are designed to direct snow into your snow blower's auger housing for quick discharge.

These snow drift cutters were specifically designed to help your snow blower break through iced-over, tightly packed snow and direct it efficiently to the auger housing for effective, safe removal. Simple to install, these drift cutters will help your snow blower operate at peak efficiency and help you remove the snow blocking your safe passage more quickly and more completely.

  • Help push away snow too high to enter the auger housing
  • Cut into snow drifts and direct snow into the snow blower for more complete removal
  • Rotate downward, out of the way, when not needed
  • Includes a complete set of 2 steel bars with hardware
  • Easily installed on either side of the auger
  • Knife through iced-over snow drifts




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