Looking to drastically reduce your time mowing?  You can cut your mowing time in half using a zero turn mower instead of a traditional riding lawn tractor.

Here are some of the time-saving features of zero turn technology:

Mowing Around Objects

The maneuverability of a zero turn mower allows you to mow around trees, flower beds and other obstacles in your yard much easier than using a traditional riding lawn tractor. Zero-turn mowers can make sharp turns because the rear wheels turn under the operator's control, instead of the front wheels, as with lawn tractors. Being low leveled, a zero turn allows the driver a better view of the area ahead, which makes spotting anything unexpected in your path very easy.

Speed It Up

Zero turn mowers are designed to cut grass 50% faster than traditional lawn tractors, so your straight line mowing speed is improved. A typical lawn tractor cuts at about 3-4 mph while a typical zero turn cruises along at 5-8 mph.

Mow In A Single Path

The wider turning radius of a tractor leaves strips of uncut grass that require awkward maneuvering to reach. When mowing with a traditional lawn tractor, you have to drive over already cut areas, back up to cut or take multiple passes at the end of a mowing row. This causes irregular mowing patterns and increases the time it takes to finish the job.

Zero Turn mowers can spin a full 180 degrees. It makes a clean cut at the end of each mowing row, reducing the number of passes it takes to cut your lawn. This efficient cut pattern also helps you achieve that freshly-cut "striping" look of a professional job.


No Follow Up Trimming

With an unobstructed view of the cutting deck, zero turn mowers make it easy to cut very close to your trim edges – you can nearly eliminate the need to trim hard-to-reach areas with a push mower or a string trimmer after you've finished mowing.

Easy and Relaxing to Drive

Without a steering wheel, a zero turn machine may look intimidating to drive, but most people become comfortable with the way it handles after just a few times mowing their lawn.

Steering a zero turn mower with lap bars is easy. In fact, it is not that different from steering a shopping cart.



  • Forward: Push the handles forward.
  • Reverse: Pull the handles back.
  • Right Turn: Push the left handle forward.
  • Left Turn: Push the right handle forward.
  • Stop: Bring the handles back to neutral.

The key to driving in a straight line is to assure that the same amount of pressure is applied to each lever.