1X™ Single Stage Power 

Single stage snow blowers are ideal for quickly removing up to six inches of snow from smooth, smaller areas. With a self-propelled auger drive system created from high-impact rubber and reinforced with steel, you get an ideal blend of power and dependability in a lightweight easy to maneuver design.  

The 1X™ 21" LHP is equipped with high performance auger paddles that act as an auger propelled drive system, allowing you to move at your own pace. You can operate the two-way chute control with one hand and the pitch control with a remote, both from the user position. And you’ll be able to work before dawn or after sundown thanks to an in-dash headlight. 

Ideal for: Up to 6” of snow on concrete. 

1X™ single stage advantages: Lightweight, compact, easy to handle and store. 

Cub Cadet advantage: Backed by a strong 3-year limited residential and 1-year limited commercial warranty.   

2X™ Two Stage Power 

A 2 stage snow blower is ideal for clearing 12” of snow while gliding over both smooth and rough surfaces. With heavy-duty augers and a steel shave plate constructed with 12” serrated steel, they are better suited for larger areas. There are seven models available: 

  • 2X™ 24": This model is great for those who have more snow and want to step up to a 2 stage snow blower for a quicker job done. 

  • 2X 26" HP and 2X 30” HP: Equipped with a heavy duty cast aluminum auger gearbox for maximum durability in extreme weather conditions and a hi-arc steel chute that reduces snow blowback at the user. 

  • 2X 26” TRAC and 2X 30” TRAC: These track snow blowers are equipped with a track drive that’s ideal for slopes, inclines, and gravel providing solid traction in extreme weather conditions. Features reinforced 14-gage steel auger housing side place for added durability and a 23” intake height to cut through deeper snow and taller snow drifts by taking on increased snow capacity. An added LED lightbar provides additional light for clearer visibility in low light conditions. 

  • 2X 30" EFI with IntelliPower™: IntelliPower™ offers consistent power and less bogging down, so you can use your snow blower on thick, wet snow. Electronic fuel injection delivers the exact amount of fuel necessary to the engine, reducing maintenance and fuel costs. EFI also eliminates carburetor issues due to improper offseason storage which means you can be confidant that your snow blower will start on demand season after season. This model includes heated hand grips, increased intake height, and an LED light bar. 

  • 2X 30” MAX: Engineered for extreme conditions with commercial grade features like 12 gage steel auger housing side plates with sealed ball bearings on the wheel and axle shafts. A 23” intake height that takes on more snow capacity while large 14” augers and impeller remove huge amounts of snow while increasing snow throwing distance and snow throughput. Also comes with the added LED light bar.   

Ideal for:Areas that expect to get snow on a regular during the winter and need to clear 12” of snow with ease. EFI and MAX models can handle up to 23” of snow and are recommended for colder temperature locations with extreme weather conditions.  

2X™ two stage advantages: You can expect to get the job done quickly and easily with power steering and confidently use these models on gravel and concrete driveways ranging from 8-15 cars.  

Cub Cadet advantages: All models are backed by a strong 3-year limited residential and 1-year limited commercial warranty. Models featuring the heavy-duty cast aluminum auger gearbox come with a 5-year limited auger gearbox warranty. 

3X™ Three Stage Power 

Our three stage snow blowers are the innovative powerhouse of the X Series lineup and allow you to clear snow 50% faster than a comparable Cub Cadet 2 stage snow blower. This snow blower powers through ice, snow and slush with its patented three-stage system. Overall, 3 stage snow blowers offer top-rated performance and the ultimate peace-of-mind. There are seven models available: 

  • 3X™ 26" and 3X 28”: If you are ready to tackle the wall of winter at the end of your driveway this year and are located in an area that gets at least 4” of snow on a regular basis during the winter these models will quickly do the job and have you prepared to tackle whatever winter throws your way.   

  • 3X 30” HD: A 23” intake height can take on more snow capacity to cut through deeper snow and taller snow drifts. Also engineered with reinforced 14 gage steel auger housing side plates and includes an added LED light bar. 

  • 3X 26” TRAC and 3X 30” TRAC: These track units also are equipped with a track drive that’s ideal for slopes, inclines, and gravel providing solid traction in extreme weather conditions and come standard with upgraded features like reinforced 14-gage steel auger housing side plates for added durability. The 23” intake height can move deeper and taller snow drifts by taking on increased snow capacity. An added LED light bar provides additional light for clearer visibility in low light conditions, and you can expect to get the job done 50% faster than the 2X TRAC models.  

  • 3X 30” MAX: Engineered for the toughest extremes. Includes increased intake height, heavy duty auger housing, larger auger and impeller and accelerator, a larger engine, a heavy-duty gearbox, sealed ball bearings on auger and wheel shafts, and an LED light bar. 

  • 3X 34” MAX H: Includes all of the MAX model features, in addition to a hydrostatic transmission that allows you to customize your speed and work at your own pace. 

Ideal for:Up to 23” of snow and easily handles slushy, wet or icy conditions on both smooth and gravel driveways.  

3X™ three stage Advantages: Most powerful and efficient of the snow blower options that can help you get the job done 50% faster than the 2X two stage snow blower.  

Cub Cadet advantage: Our strong 3-year limited residential, 1-year limited commercial and 5-year limited auger gearbox warranty brings the ultimate peace of mind to whichever model you choose.