$ 3,303.00

Bercomac 44" Northeast Snow Blower Attachment with Electric Lift

Durability, Toughness, Performance 

 For users with more ground to cover with their snowblower. Perfect for residential use.

This is one tough snow blower that will Get The Job Done! 


  • Gear Box
    • Maintenance free, gives power to the auger to throw the snow even further.
  • Electric lift (winch included)
    • Raise and lower the snowblower by the flip of a switch
  • Controls at your fingertips
    • Engage the snowblower by activating the same system as the mower deck of the tractor
    • Raise and lower snowblower
    • Turn the chute to the left or right by using the handle located to the left of the driver
  • One Mounting For All
    • Use the same mounting to install the other Berco accessories such as the Rotary Broom and the Blade.
  • Quick Installation
    • Once the bolt-on-brackets are mounted to the tractor, they may remain on permanently with no interference with the mower deck.
    • Pre-assembled winch for quick and easy installation.

Tag_qualite_garantie_ANG Warranty  Residential: 1 year Semi-Commercial, Professional or Rental Use : 90 days

This specific blower attachment kit will fit Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 Enduro Series lawn and garden tractors ONLY.

NOTE: Initial installation takes around 4-5 hours and is included in the purchase price.

The tractor shown is NOT included. 

Rear Counterweights and Tire Chains are required for better traction and safety

Kit includes: The 2-stage snow blower attachment, 3 suitcase weights, weight bracket, subframe, drive mechanism, & tire chains.

Price for just the snowblower, subframe, and drive mechanism is $2,400. 
(Not installed) 



1. Spout: Adjustable by simply turning a knob to adjust the height at which snow is projected.

2. Chute: Mounted on anti-friction ring for easy rotation of 237° controlled from driver's seat. (electric control available as an option)

3. Housing: Made of 12 & 16 gauge steel assuring a long hard working life span.

4. Impeller: High speed impeller (15'', 4 blades) propels snow to great distances. Protected by a shear bolt system.

5. Auger: Powerful saw tooth auger slices through any type of snow with ease. Protected by a shear bolt system.

6. Scraper: Made of heavy duty steel. Reversible for double life span and replaceable when needed. Protects the base of the snowblower

7. Base : Double layered to reinforce the snowblower against damage if you strike an obstacle accidentally.

8. Skid Shoes: Large shoes allow gliding over various terrains with ease. Adjustable and replaceable.

9. Bushings : All rotating components are mounted on bushings to facilitate replacement when needed.

10. Gear Box : No maintenance. Worm type heavy duty gear box.

11. Rotation Handle: Allows to turn the chute while sitting in the driver's seat. (electric control available as an option)

Weight: 165lbs Dimensions:  44'' x 21''

Model 700474-3





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