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Best customer service ever for an online purchase.

As I feared too heavy. Not that impressed.

Thank you for your product review! I'm sorry the machine is heavier than expected. What else don't you like about the machine? Please feel free to call us at (920) 528-8631 to discuss this further.

Have not used it yet!

Lightning fast delivery

Ordered on a Saturday and had the mower on Tuesday

Cub Cadet XT1 LX46

Arrived as arranged, was a bit of trouble uncreating but succeeded. Checked oil, added gas, and connected battery. Started right up and mowed the lawn.Turns easy and sharp, reverse mowing is very convenient I like it a lot. I hope it will give many years of service.

Thank you for your review, Richard! Sorry for the trouble you encountered in un-crating the mower. We're glad you are happy with your purchase. Thanks again!
2018 Cub Cadet XT3 GSX Garden Tractor.

This tractor is the bomb!! The only thing better than this tractor is the "GREAT" service I received from Leanne working so hard to get this purchase to me & everything worked out just fine!! I highly recommend buying from MOTOWN WALDO IMPLEMENT INC.Thanks for everything Leanne!!!!

Joel, Thank you very much for the kind words! We're so happy you love your tractor and that delivery went smoothly.
2018 xt3 cub cadet

This XT3 GSX is a super nice tractor!! I'm very please with this unit. Seems very well manufactured.

xt2 lx 46

this is a very nice tractor easy on fuel like the sharp turning radius has plenty of power

Product great but buy somewhere else

The mover is great... even better than I expected it.
But since I bought it from mowtown ( 6 weeks ago) I get emails daily with reminders that I need to review my purchase. My recommendation: buy this mower but buy it from another store!!!

Julia, We're glad you like your mower. We genuinely apologize for the email reminders!! We will change the frequency immediately! We do hope you decide to update your review based off of your overall experience. Thanks again!
Cub Cadet XT2 LX 46 EFI Lawn Tractor

I ordered from Motown because I could not get the tractor from a local Dealer (they were quoting 4 to 6 weeks to get stock). Motown worked hard to get my business and made the sale easy, providing great sales and technical advice before I purchased. Everything came in good shape. The crate was slightly damaged; but not the tractor. The tractor starts easy and runs great. Haven't really needed to use all of its power yet, even though the lawn had overgrown to about 6 to 8 inches; so I'm still waiting to see if there are any issues like someone else mentioned with the EFI engine not being set up right. I was a bit surprised by the fuel consumption (need to track it); hopefully it will improve as the engine breaks in. I do have a substantial hill that the tractor has no problem going up (hasn't slipped yet); and I use the reverse cut mode a lot (the safety delay seems a bit long). I really like the fabricated deck; although I would agree that it will readily scalp the lawn on uneven surfaces if you are not careful. The new design on the bagger worked great on my dried up big maple leaves. Can't wait to see if it does as well on fresh ones. Local shipping was atrocious by setting a date and then not showing up. They then tried to blame me; and that's when I got Motown involved. They straightened the matter out and got the shipper to refund $100 due to my loss of a day. Unpacking was easy except for getting the tractor out of the base. Cub Cadet does not provide any useful instructions for removal. I was thinking about cutting the tractor out with my sawzall or removing the cutting deck; when a YouTube video recommended jacking up the tractor, inserting plywood runners, and rolling it out of the base without damaging the cutting deck. I have recommended that Motown come up with an easy method to remove the tractor and provide this to their customers in an email. The wife has figured out how to work the tractor, so she’s commandeered it until the novelty runs out.

Very Surprized!!!

I reside in Florida where the heat beats you down in the summer months that I could no longer walk behind a self-propelled lawnmower (10 years) so I decided to look into the purchase of a riding lawn tractor to help pull and haul stuff around the house. I visited Home depot and Lowes and the Cub Cadet caught my eye. Since I had no idea what to look for in riding lawn mowers, I did some research and made several calls to some dealerships in area because the one I liked was sold at Home depot/Lowes. After calling a few authorize Cub Cadet dealers in my area, I found out that some were unfriendly, wouldn't answer any of my questions and wanted to over-charge me for the price of XT2/LX42 and rush me off the phone. I only have a 1/4 acre so through my online searching I ran across Mowtown Waldo Implement in Wisconsin and I spoke with a lady name Leanne. This lady was nice and help! She did not know if I was going to buy or just inquiring but she was very patient with me and all my damn questions :) She hung in there like a trooper. She was very knowledgeable and helpful so I think a day or two went by and I decided to pull the trigger on the purchase but not with the dealers in my area but with Leanne and she was not in haste to take my money and trough me off to someone else and remember who I was. My tractor would be delivered from Wisconsin to Florida which made me a little uneasy for something I that I have not touch with big ticket price but Leanne was helpful throughout the entire process up to the driver delivering my mower to my house without any hiccups or damage done the tractor. The tractor is great and now I wonder what took me so dang long to buy one (just being cheap). I know this is a long review and I don't normally write reviews but I think in this case it is well deserved. GREAT JOB Leanne!! Whatever your getting paid it's not enough! Thank you for your help and support and keep up the good work!

cub cadet mower xt2lx46

This is a quality built mower, very easy to operate, really like the control over the machines speed by way of a foot pedal
Had great communication with Waldo implement as well as the trucking company

Cub Cadet XT2 LX46

Great communication From Harold , and Leanne . Lawn tractor arrived in perfect condition . Started instantly with the bump of the key. Have not used it yet but I'm already expecting it to be great! Dave

Mowtown Waldo Cub Cadet XT2 Purchase

Cub Cadet XT2 GX54 Garden Tractor - I must admit Mowtown Waldo went above and beyond to ensure I was completely satisfied with all aspects of my purchase before we concluded the purchase and delivery of my new garden tractor / mower.
I would highly recommend them to anybody looking to purchase similar outdoor equipment and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from them again.

They are an extremely reputable dealer. It’s nice to know such places still exist!

Thank you very much for the kind words and recommendation Jon! We hope you love your tractor for many years to come!
Bob in Texas

I ordered this on line unseen I am in Texas and I had it shipped to my son in Michigan who had jest left the army. The experience was amazing, It will give him a new start. Thank You

Bob, Thank you so much for your review! We are glad you are happy with your purchase! Please send a thank you to your son for his service from us!~ We hope he enjoys his new Cub Cadet lawn mower! Thanks again!!!
Cub Cadet 3X 30 PRO Three-Stage Snow Thrower purchased in April

Mowtown shipped promptly, the snow thrower started and run well. No snow to throw!


Great seller! 7 days from order to deliver...From Wisconsin to Pennsylvania! Also the best price I could find anywhere. Ordered a Cub Cadet riding mower and it arrived extremely well packed and protected. Be sure to add the lift gate service if needed. Well worth it.

Lawn tracktor

Good mower,munching kit ok,do not like reverse safety switch,long delay to restart engine,No swich to turn off headlights.
Had to call trucking company to track and find when would be delivered,shipped5/15,delivered5/21

Daniel, Thank you for your review. You should've received an email with tracking information when your order shipped. It may have been filtered into your junk folder. I'm sorry you are unhappy with the mulch kit and reverse safety switch. We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. Therefore, we would like to discuss the engine delay and mulch kit issue with you. I will give you a call this week. Thanks again for your business!
One concern

The ease of use is very good. I am concerned about the dead grass that the discharge leaves on top of the cut grass. It makes it look like the grass is dying. Anyone else have this?

Thank you for your review. As with all lawn mowers that are side discharging, the grass clippings will be laying on top of the lawn. To try to make this less noticeable, we recommend cutting sooner, so the clippings aren't as noticeable.
Good but could be improved!

(After 2 uses I'm comparing this unit with the LTX1050 it replaces) TRACTOR: Quick and agile. Miss the grab handles the old unit has when mowing on side hills (yeah I know) that allowed maintaining your balance and shifting your weight to the high side wheel for traction. I'll probably add some. The new seat is supposed to be more comfortable. I'm not sure about that because it rides a lot rougher. I suspect this is because of less flotation on its narrower tires (about .5" in front and 1.5" in back). I'll try dropping the air pressure another couple pounds to see if that helps. Traction actually seems to be improved even with the narrower tires. I was pulling a lawn roller while mowing and I seldom spun the tires even going up a ditch bank. I don't know if was because of the newer tread or perhaps the differential does a better job of putting power to both wheels. Fuel consumption seems to be more than advertised but again I was pulling a roller while mowing and I assume the engine is still tight. The front bumper is a nice touch and minimizes front body damage when you need to just get a LITTLE closer. When I initially started the engine I thought there was something wrong in that it wasn't achieving full RPM because at full throttle it's so smooth and quiet but when under load it just keeps pulling. EFI on a lawn tractor is a major accomplishment - hopefully I'll have no trouble with it.
DECK: The fabricated deck seems stiffer and more rugged than the stamped deck of the 1050. The flat surface collects very little clippings/debris while mowing (my biggest gripe about the old unit). Not having the reinforcing rib around the perimeter of the deck means you can mow closer to trees/obstructions. The deck has only 2 blades which is my biggest complaint - heavy grass means you slow based on what the deck can cut vs pulling down engine speed. It also means deck adjustments are critical or you will scalp the hell out of your yard, especially on uneven ground.

Cub Cadet XT2 LX 42 Lawn Tractor

Love the tractor. Only problem was when it was shipped a nail from the crate caused the rear tire to be flat on delivery. It won't hold air for more the 10 days without putting more air in the tire. Other than that it has been a great tractor.

Robert, I'm so sorryt o hear what happened during shipment. Please call us and we can send you a replacement tire. Thank you for your business.
Fast shipping. Awesome mower

This mower came ready to use. Just connect the battery and add Gas. It’s prefect for anything I need to use. Turns supernice


Looks great, but won't be able to use till next winter.


Great machine, love it.

its great

the Mowtown staff were great on the other hand the shipping was quoted as 5 days and took 2and a half weeks and and had to pay some one to mow my lawns my old mower was dead no one ever called me I had to call the shipper several times they did call me back at the end