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Very satisfied

The Cub Cadet 2x 26 was a great purchase. Assembled easily, started easily and cuts through snow like a champ. Even the stuff at the end of the driveway from street plowing.

Great Purchase

Everything delivered as promised

Fast Delivery, Great Costumer Service

Was Delivered to my door in less than a week, easy set up and throws like a champ, very impressed overall. Lots of power in deep snow in Northern Minnesota.

Great snowblower

It’s so much better than the Toro 828 I replaced. It feels better built and you get a 3 stage, hand warmers, and the most power. The more snow the better for this beast

Ariens Deluxe 28" SHO Two-Stage Snow Blower

Cub Cadet

Motown was very prompt shipping my snowblower out. They were also very professional dealing with one of my shipping concerns. I will definitely do business with them in the future.

Great dealer

I contacted Mowtown Waldo Implement because I wanted to purchase an Ariens Pro 32 Hydro RapidTrack Snow Blower but it was not available at any local dealers and I preferred to buy from a Wisconsin dealer rather than from a dealer across the country on Amazon. They matched the Amazon price and shipped it right away.

Cub Cadet snow blower

I did not get to use this snow blower yet, but I am sure it is going to do a great job. Mowtown Waldo was great to work with, fast shipment. I would buy from them again.

Excellent Service

Got my new blower in three days of ordering. Delivered right to my driveway ready to tackle the snow. 100%

Great experience

Received my cub Cadet 2x 350cc snow thrower on time and without any issues. The delivery driver was very friendly. I hope the snow thrower is the last one I have to buy!!

Solid performing 3-stage

1st snow of the season here in north NJ
Day 1: Miserable wet slush. When it seemed like the chute was about to clog, I kept going and the buildup eventually rammed thru and the 3rd stage threw it some distance

I was able to clear the berm left by the street plows, a major source of trouble (as soon as you clear your driveways, they plow it closed again) The Trac 3x30 was able to push it all off the road, so if he has no snow to push, he can't move it in front of my driveways!

At one point I broke 3 shear pins after hitting large gravel. This tendency can be reduced with the RH height settings. The pins were far easier to change than my old Snapper. They pushed out with a drift punch by hand.

Some technique must be learned to do tight turns with the trac release.

If you have a problem with the chute clogging, you likely broke a shear pin

Looks good.

My Cub Cadet 3X30 pro arrived in good shape and was easy to put together. It fired right up after filling it with gas and runs good. Its only October so i havent got to use it yet but it looks like it is going to work well. The three LED light will be very handy as well.


No Briggs junk, made in CHINA engine!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Fart's Opinion

Have only given the new mower/tractor limited use so I can't speak to durability or endurance (hence 4 instead of 5 star rating). However as an older user with two replaced hips and other body parts that weren't so durable themselves, several features of this product were immediately apparent to me. The bottom part of the mower where your feet rest is level, low, and uncluttered. That makes getting on and off the mower a much easier and safer operation. The brake pedal also is lower and easier to reach with a left foot that gets heavier with age. There is also a tray/compartment in front of the steering wheel that holds the glasses you forgot to take off very securely. I was impressed with the blade engagement mechanism. It's placement and method of operation makes it possible to easily and accurately engage/disengage the blades as when crossing a stone driveway.

I have only two slightly negative points. First, if you have stopped growing taller and started growing wider, the arm rests on the seat might be a little narrow to be comfortable with both in the down position. I suspect this might be more my problem than the manufacturers. Lastly, the tight turning radius is a really good thing but it gives the steering a somewhat loose, sloppy feel. It has no trouble holding a straight line but the "feel" of the steering takes a little getting used to (one more trick for this old dog to learn).

The motor runs and the blades cut as you would expect a new mower to.

Two complaints

I think the auto-turn could be much better; such as reversing the direction of the inner track. I also wonder why the drive-engage depresses from the top--natural instinct is to squeeze from the bottom.

excelent price and fast delivery

It was easier to order from Mowtown than get the same mower locally in NJ. Best price and super fast delivery !

What a great tractor

We did a bunch of research on the new lawn tractor. Once we decided on the cub cadet XT2 LX46 EFI we needed to find the dealer. We did so with Mowtown

Happy Customer

Had a problem with the shipping company not being able to unload from the truck. This was a shipping problem. The Internet sales team at Mowtown helped resolve the problem and it was re-shipped with no problems. Cub ZT1 worked great.

Cub Cadet XT2 LX EFI

Extremely satisfied with the purchase. Has performed all jobs with no issues or complaints. Price was great, Mowtown Waldo Implement service was excellent.

Ariens IKON X52 KW Zero Turn Mower

So far, I'm pleased

I'm only rating 4 stars at this point because we'll see after at least 100 operating hours. As far as Waldow implement goes. Good people to deal with. Everything working perfectly so far but only 5 hours of use so far.

slx great shipping not

Fantastic mower

Driving this Zero Turn mower is like driving an American Cadillac!!!


recieved with no problems,awesome mower,cut mowing time in half,glad I found Mowtown saved money and didn't have to go get

Thank you for your review, Phil! Were glad you like your new tractor. We truly appreciate your business! Thank you!